In concerto

21.12.2018 Venice, Church of Santa Sofia

  San Martino a Natale  5°International Music Festival – Venice 2018 340 years Vivaldi Church of Santa Sofia Cannaregio, Strada Nuova Campo Santa Sofia 30121 Venice SONÁTE VIVALDI! (Integral of op.2 I part) Kremena Nikolova violin Luca Franzetti cello Anton Martynov harpsicord Written in 1708, just before the ‘L’estro armonico’…

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04.12.2018 Roma, Chiesa di Sant’Agnese in Agone (Piazza Navona)

  CAPRICCIO ITALIANO FESTIVAL 2018 V edizione Martedì 4 dicembre alle ore 18.00 presso la splendida Sagrestia del Borromini nella Chiesa di Sant’Agnese in Agone (Piazza Navona, Roma) MUSIC FOR TWO  Anton Martynov violino Kremena Nikolova violino

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09.10.2018 Luxembourg, Centre Culturel Altrimenti

    New Classic Stage Festival permanent de musique classique Albena Petrovic, Directice artistique MUSIC FOR TWO Anton Martynov violino Kremena Nikolova violino 

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”…She is a unique artist, her musical humility is an incredible asset for her performance where the listener’s attention is being taken by the marvel…” Philippe Graffin

”…Kremena Nikolova is a brilliant violinist and extremely talented and original artist. I have chance to know her my former student and to observe her astounding growth that made of her my utmost precious colleague…” Anton Martynov

”…Kremena Nikolova is a very talented young violinist with sensitive and exuberant musicality. She has performed as a soloist in my ensemble, the Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca demonstrating exellent presence and great communicativity…” Giorgio Fava

”…Kremena Nikolova is a very talented violinist with a fine musical taste. Along with her excellent technique she has a deep understanding of different musical styles in combination with her noble tone…” Roman Kim 

” … It’s not enough to say that Kremena is a ”talent ‘! Since she was a particularly gifted child, still very young she has succeeded in developing an exellent violin technique and assimilating the musical styles! Her phrasing in a natural and spontaneous way convinces the audience and elicits applauses! … ”  Lyudmila Ivanova